Original background storyEdit

Chip and Dent are the Crash Dummy twins. "I'm the tall one with the chip," says Chip. Put Chip in the Crash Car and he'll break the steering wheel, the gear shift, and the windshield. That's before he starts the car! Chip breaks everything he touches, and carries tools to repair the damage. If you think something is broken now, wait'll Chip gets through fixing it! Good thing his Pro-Tek suit keeps him from breaking himself.

"Junkman's not bad, he's just busted," says Chip. "I bet I could fix him up so he'd never bother anyone again." He's probably right!

Action figure featuresEdit

Chip was introduced in the 1992 Pro-Tek line of Crash Dummies. His dominating feature is an oversized head with a large chip missing from it. Otherwise, Chip is not too remarkable. He has the standard, two-button trigger and came with a tool chest and tools for his accessory.