Original background storyEdit

Chip and Dent are the Crash Dummy twins. Dent's the short one with the dent. Or, if he's got his spare legs on, he's the tall one with the dent. Good thing their Pro-Tek suits are different! Dent's always scheming and scamming, trying to beat the system. His buddy Chip thinks he's a genius. Of course, Chip's not too bright either.

"Junkman wants something we've got," says Dent. "I'm sure we can make a deal."

Look out, Dent -- it may cost you an arm and a leg!

Action figure featuresEdit

Dent, as well as his brother Chip, were introduced in the 1992 Pro-Tek line of Crash Dummies. Unlike most other dummies, Dent is a dwarf and requires leg extensions to stand even with the other dummies. In addition, he has the same oversized head as his brother as well as a dent on one side of it. The original Dent featured the standard, two-button trigger and the figure came with leg extenders and a tool.