Original background storyEdit

Larry is Vince's buddy. He's a newer Crash Dummy and loves his job. He even comes up with ways to make the crash tests more demanding and dangerous. If you think the other Dummies like him for that, you just may qualify as a Dummy yourself!

Larry wants people to remember to use their safety belts. "If we can convince one person to buckle up, just one, then all those windshield sandwiches have been wroth eating."

Action figure featuresEdit

Larry appeared with Vince early on in the Department of Transportation's "Buckle Your Safety Belt" TV ad campaign. Near the end of the campaign, he was one of the primary figures that Tyco converted into an action figure. When the DoT reversed its contract later in 1991, Larry, as well as Vince, were recalled. Larry was replaced with Spin in the later releases of the line.

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